Why does bin/supervise --down command simply hangs?


Relates to Apache Druid

I think It is not a valid command

bash-3.2$ bin/supervise -down
usage: bin/supervise -c [-d ] [-t ] [–daemonize] [–svlogd-conf ]

I guess you are talking about - $IMPLY_HOME/bin/service --down

Possibly the supervise service is down on the given server, this command can hang (or may be executed from the wrong directory).

This can be confirmed by running ps -eaf | grep supervise which should output like below if supervisor is running -

501 70994 92093   0  9:52AM ttys000    0:01.20 perl bin/supervise -c conf/supervise/quickstart.conf


Ah, copy paste error, Thanks, Vaibhav for spotting the wrong command.

You are right I intend to ask about - $IMPLY_HOME/bin/service --down

When supervise ran through root user, we were able to $IMPLY_HOME/bin/service --down but, supervise running as non-root user (lets say druid), $IMPLY_HOME/bin/service --down giving an error permission denied. At this time, when we tried as root user, command is simply hangs without writing anything in logs.