windowPeriod max value

Hi everyone,
I’m using druid 0.9.0

How max can i set windowPeriod in realtime ingestion?

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Hey Yunus,

Generally it is recommended that windowPeriod be shorter than segmentGranularity.

then what is maximum value of segmentGranularity?

22 Nisan 2016 Cuma 20:34:59 UTC+3 tarihinde Gian Merlino yazdı:

You can do really long ones like YEAR and MONTH, but in practice it is rare to use anything that long. HOUR is more typical.

For realtime, the main consideration with segmentGranularity is that it influences how often data is handed off to the historical system. Having a really long segmentGranularity means that most/all of your data will be in the realtime system, which is less durable and less efficient than the historical system. So generally people prefer something like HOUR in order to get data into the historical system in a reasonable amount of time.

can I trigger this hand off by manually?