Wipe out all data from a running druid


In my druid configuration, stream data is getting ingested. At any point of time I can stop the stream of data. At this point of time I want to wipe out all the data from Druid system for testing purpose and then start the stream data to get ingested.

The problem is I am not able to completely clear data from druid system. Till now I have tried the following things.

  1. Drop the data source.( But the data source is not getting dropped)

  2. Run a kill task (But doesn’t wipe out all the data)

  3. Delete all deep storage on local file system.



Disabling the datasource and sending kill task should work although it might take a coordinator poll period to achieve this.

FYI that data is persisted physically in 2 locations. The first is deep storage and the second is the local segment caches for each historical. Therefore if you want to brut force it you can clean those location and clean the metastorage database.

Thanks Bouguerra.