Working of single Dimension partitioning

According to the docs for druid(0.12.3),

Single-dimension partitioning works by first selecting a dimension to partition on, and then separating that dimension into contiguous ranges. Each segment will contain all rows with values of that dimension in that range.


I have a use case where I have dimension called “group”.Let say it has values “a”,“b”,“c”,“d”.
I would like to form segments in such a way that all records with the same value of “group” dimension are in a particular segment.
So I would expect that four segments will be formed for each value(a,b,c,d).

I don’t see any option to do that right now.

Hi Sharath:

Can you elaborate with your full ingestion spec, and what the result you got with it? And what is your expected result?

Looks like you found a way to do single dimension partition, but not sure if you had done it successfully or not.