Your opinions on Druid usage?

Hi druid experts! My company is thinking of deploying druid into our systems.
Before doing so, I’d like to ask for some advice from those who have already used Druid prior.

  • Is Druid recommendable in
    terms of its performance and
  • If you are in actual use of
    Druid, for which purpose are you utilizing it and which benefits does it
  • How is it compared to other
    time-series databases?
  • We are thinking of linking
    Druid-processed data with BI tools. If you are currently linking
    Druid-processed data with other next-steps what would that be?

I would appreciate it if you could answer the above questions

Dear Friend,

You can use Druid for real-time analytics use-cases. Majority of Druid users are companies which have petabytes of data, want to ingest data from streams like Kafka, do aggregations on the fly, slice-dice data in analytics tools. There is virtually no limit to how much data can be stored and system response time since the number of nodes in Druid cluster can scale to thousands of nodes.

Druid is designed from ground up to provide interactive sub-second query response for large billions of rows dataset. Druid can integrate with external systems using SQL interface (JDBC) or through Json query over HTTP.

Your next steps will be to put together your use-case and do a POC, possibly discuss about your use-case in this group.

All the best,


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